"I don't wanna be broken hearted, Baby please!!!!"
This morning I listened to 411 by Nonso Bassey. That song does wonders to me because it is raw  talent.
Woke up this morning feeling all sorts of down for different reasons. Particularly because I see that everyday I get a second, minute or day older than I was the previous second, minute or day.

For as long as I can remember based on the fact that I got to understand the working of the world a little early. I have always wanted to be a Petroleum Engineer. I am an ambivert ( I could be to some people the loudest and most outspoken person they know and to others I am often too quiet for comfort). This first dilemma was another reason Pet( As I like to refer to this discipline) appealed as the best thing for my life. Aunty Ebor was my class teacher in Grade 3 and I made sure to drum into her ears a thousand times that I wanted to be an Engineer. It spoke of good income and a bit of a stability if I could work hard enough.


Growing up as a Nigerian young girl was and will always be so much fun. 
Top on my list for reasons why I love my NAIJA is my mummy. She is special and all cos she's my mum. Strong woman who can raise four amazing Children in this Nigeria(I love Nigeria a lot ). My mum to me isn't some kind of Wonder Woman. She does her bit and she's a best friend kind of mum.One thing about a best friend mum however is that they tend to have a lot of conversations with their kids. Being in the middle of two girls is crazy( Shout out to all the middle born girls in every family, especially if you have my kind of sisters).

My elder is about a year and a few months older than me. So I grew up more like a twin. Same clothes, similar hairstyles, one class difference in school, the constant comparison and the countless others I think I have forgotten. It has been awesome having her as my elder cos I am or I was a buzz kill. Always thought I was probably gonna end up in some army( wonder who decei…

The Black Panther

Hi guys,
It has been more than a lifetime(I exaggerate a little bit).
 I have missed everyone and I hope you missed me too. I had a little breakdown and had to get fully back on my feet before bringing all I have for you to the table. During this break I took I learnt a whole lot of new things and did a bit of the things I have wanted to do for a while now. The content coming your way hence is gonna be very exciting as well as we will be going through a whole lot of new things.
Highlight of this break was The Easter.
 As a christian the Easter season is by far the most important period in Christendom. It is the period we celebrate the resurrection of our savior and Lord, Jesus Christ.
Also, I finally went to the cinema and saw Marvels Black Panther. 
I decided sometime ago that I will not watch movies without learning anything. And because of the hype before I went to see the movie I had a lot of expectations.
 Thankfully, it met my standard of awesome. The costuming was appropriate, the acc…


Hi Lovelies.
It's been a lovely week so far.
I have been to my 9-5 and it seems stress free this week. Also, its very funny how for some reason the week has been very productive and engaging and it is still not stressful. Little wonder  my granny used to say 'sitting idle is more tiring than actual work'.
Most of the time I like to consider myself the strongest person I know but the truth is everyone has some form of weakness within. When our weakness begins to show forth a lot of times, we try to vent to whoever is present and most times get them to see things from our own perspective or be a shoulder to cry on.
Many years ago, in a bid to rise above my biggest weakness I had found a solution, something I believe helped me keep my sanity. It felt like some form of rehab at the time because when you show certain weaknesses often time you can become a hazard and threat to yourself and those around you. Anytime I indulged in this sanctum my weakness flowed away with the emo…

DaddyYo Part 1

Last weekend was all shades of good fun. Guess why? I had my first daddy daughter moment this year. It was a lot of excitement as we went shopping together for an outfit he wanted to get for an event he had to attend. We were shopping for a corporate outfit as the event was to be a suit and tie gathering.
Good thing is I have never shopped for a guy besides my brother before and he is really young so it's not exactly suits we shop for. So, it was a new experience that brought a lot of lessons I would like to share with all of you. Now, I am really excited because this post is for our male readers mostly and all the lovey dovey aunties that take out time to shop for their men.
Also, I want to congratulate my daddy for his completion of his doctorate in Law. Big feat really.

Usually, the suits I know to see a lot of men wear is the black suit, the blue suit and the grey suit. Also, as time went by I saw the brown suit come into lime light as well. The thing is these suits are not b…